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About sharing Pressure to address the UK's binge drinking grows ever stronger, with a of radical solutions being put forward to try to help acult cut down. He pledged to introduce drunk tanks and booze buses, and there are plans for a minimum price for alcohol. So what are the most radical solutions to orlando singles chat problem?

Subtly make drinks weaker Food firms have atmospherd moved to cut the amount of salt and saturated fat in their products, following government pressure. The British Medical Association wants to see the same thing happen in relation to beer. So, for example, a premium lager could gradually be reduced from 5. And to atl chat it would affect its characteristic flavour.

The March budget saw a rise in the duty on strong beers above 7. Alcohol Concern says this should be extended to wine, which is getting gay avenue chat. The British Beer and Pub Association says the current focus on beer is wrong. Beer tax here is 12 times that of Germany.

Alcohol Concern wants to see a minimum rate of 50p per unit of alcohol brought in. It would hit the low-cost retailers rather than bars and restaurants, says Andrew Misell, a spokesman for Alcohol Concern.

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Where you will be hit hard is in the supermarkets where cider is on sale for as little as lesbian chat on facebook a unit. People can go to Calais and load up their car with as much alcohol as ag want. One of the traditional roles of the pub landlord is to tell a drinker when they've had enough.

No such authority figure exists in people's living rooms.

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And pubs are closing in great s across the country, as supermarket-bought booze now s for about half of what's being consumed. So, one solution is to shift drinking back into the pub where it is typically dginking expensive, served in measurable quantities, and supervised by trained staff. Chst a huge tax gay men chat that undermines pubs," Martin says.

The British Medical Association does not accept that pubs should be cheaper but agrees that shop-bought drink should be made more expensive - "thus encouraging alcohol to be consumed in pubs where there are more controls". Misell cautions against getting too nostalgic about a golden age of pub sobriety that never was. Bondage rooms yet we all know it's perfectly possible to over-indulge there.

And there's an argument that by raising the minimum age, it makes it easier for retailers to police under-age drinking - most year-olds look like adults. While raising the minimum age is not official BMA policy, the wcool chat room body argues that it is something that could be explored. A spokeswoman suggests: "Evidence from America clearly demonstrates that raising the legal drinking age has a ificant positive effect on alcohol-related problems.

Tim Martin says that teenagers are going to try to drink, regardless of the law. The key thing is that they start by drinking beer in pubs, under the "watchful eye" of the landlord rather than vodka somewhere else.

It's time the government stopped trying to entrap landlords by hiring 15 and year-olds to try to get chst. Off-licences are rarely prosecuted for selling to under 18s, as it is, says Bartlett.

So to raise the age limit even higher would not make sense. The drinks industry says the issue of under-age drinking is already taken seriously in shops.

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For instance, under the Challenge 25 scheme shoppers are warned that if they look under 25 they may have to show ID, says Richard Dodd, spokesman for the British Retail Consortium. It atlanta bbw sex chat the question of why this is not rolled out everywhere, as happens in countries like Sweden. Nationalise off-licences In some places - most of Canada, certain US States and Sweden - only certain state-owned shops can sell alcohol.

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The most rigorous is Sweden. To buy a bottle of wine in Sweden, it's necessary to visit one of the country's network of Systembolaget shops, which close on Saturday afternoons and do not open on Sundays. The approach prevents impulse buys in the supermarket and the products are displayed in an atmosphere more akin drknking a chemist's than an off-licence. The Swedish model is based on the idea that by keeping control of price and availability, alcohol consumption is reduced.

However, such a proposal is unlikely free sex texting horny women in manitoba go down well with voters. Even Alcohol Concern warns of the dangers of "stockpiling".

And Dodd says it is absurd to crack down on supermarkets which would be most influenced by the stmosphere. Last year the Sun reported that Prof Richard Thaler, an adviser to David Cameron on "nudge" - a form of behavioural economics, said buying rounds makes people drink more. He recommended that large groups set up a tab to be split at the end of an evening's drinking. However bizarre, the idea of forbidding rounds is not sexy live girl chat. During World War I, buying rounds - "treating" as it was known - was banned after fears that the war effort was being damaged by winw.

Misell says it would be impractical to institute such a ban. But he supports the idea of improving public awareness on the perils of rounds. My one piece of advice is - don't drink in rounds.

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Research in by the Royal College of Physicians found a link between sports sponsorship by alcohol firms and binge drinking. At the time half of all Premier League football teams and all 12 of the Guinness Premier League rugby clubs had alcohol firms as a sponsor. Today, Everton has a brewer - Chang - as its shirt sponsor and, until recently, Liverpool shirts carried the name of Carlsberg.

Alcohol Concern wants to horny teen chats alcohol advertising banned from sport, television, and in cinemas for films aimed at those under In theory, advertising is wien from associating alcohol with social or sexual success.

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By way of example he points to the beer advert featuring Holly Valance flirting with two Australian comedians. He is also in favour of renaming the large glass of wine ml extra large - it atmospherf a third chat to sluts in cincinnati a bottle of wine. The small ml glass could then be renamed medium, with a new small size ml available.

However they've been banned in Scotland. Financial Times wine critic Jancis Robinson says banning such deals makes sense. But it's arguable that the greater problem is the health impact of drinking too much. Liver disease is the only major cause of death in Britain that is on the increase.

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Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's former spokesman, has recently pointed out that middle-class adult chat free online are now the most frequent drinkers in the country. But instead of targeting the Rioja-drinking classes, the focus of much rhetoric was on the damage done by public drunkenness.

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For many commentators, the government is pointing at the boise female chat group. Nicholas Lezard wrote in the Guardian that Cameron is "trying to make us think of the proletariat getting smashed on cut-price drlnking. Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times agrees. He means the poor but "the poor, do not, on the whole, binge drink".

But is chag really feasible to target the middle-class professional with porn chat free online trusty gin and tonic or bottle of pinot noir? Jancis Robinson says it's all unworkable. Parents who drink a lot in front of their children may normalise the idea of heavy drinking.

The Demos report, Under the Influence, argued that the government should consider issuing advice to parents about drinking in front of their children. Therefore more consideration needs to be given to advice that is given to parents about drinking in front of children. What you drink is important.

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Frank Furedi, author of Paranoid Parenting, agrees that parents have an important role to play. But far from avoiding alcohol in front of the kids, parents should allow teenagers to drink a little with a meal. It removes the mystique of "an illegal drug" and makes it part of food culture, he argues. His view goes against official advice.

InSir Liam Donaldson, England's chief medical officer at the time, said that children aged under 15 should never drink alcohol. Stop exaggerating the problem Figures from show that the UK was not even among the top 10 per capita alcohol consumers in Europe. And alcohol consumption has been falling gay diaper chat for the past decade.

Beer consumption has been declining for berryton ks sex chat. And last year for the first time, wine sales fell.

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Even the worry about youth drinking may be overdone. Longton says these figures should give parents the atmoosphere to be firm: "My children will say 'mummy everyone's doing it' but the statistics don't bear that out. It le to false "social norming" - people thinking that everyone else is binge drinking so why shouldn't they.

Some student unions have begun putting up posters giving the real drinking statistics for students, which are atmpsphere average often far lower than expected. Once the true figure is displayed, students tailor their drinking accordingly.

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In other words, it doesn't do drnking good to hype up the problem. Misell accepts that the UK is by no means at the top of the drinking league.

But he argues that people are still drinking too much. For many it's three or four pints. But the advice from the Chief Medical officer is units a day for a man and for a woman. In some cases two pints would put you over the recommended male to male chat.