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We're gonna be focusing on young adult graphic novels. Um my name is Rachel Hi. I'm David.

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I'm Molly. I'm David If you wanna go ahead and start off by Sharon's Graphic that you pick. So I've talked about this one very briefly and one of the other videos we did, but I went with paper girls by Brian.

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medical fetish chat Um it's a really exciting sci-fi series basically um and kinda. A kinda interesting start if you start off with all these girls and they're on the paper delivery realm and then kinda strange things start happening it just kinda married couple chat stranger and it's very classic sci-fi in the sense of there's aliens and monsters and time travel and all kinds of crazy stuff that keeps happening um and there's some really engaging story.

You get really invested in the characters and um there's kind of a deeper mystery that kinda permeates the whole thing, which kinda keeps you guessing keeps you wondering helps keeps the tension high um so even though. Everything feels kinda crazy.

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It also feels very meaquite and kinda just it's a hard book to put down um so I've been really enjoying this series and I'm really excited to see where it goes next. So the book I chose is Queen of the Sea by Dylan.

It's a stand alone and it's also a mystery of historical mystery about this girl who lives on this island, her whole life and through a series of mesquites and people coming to the island, she's able to chat out a girl bit about her background um well. Okay and I had the backstage by James and it's about a boy that goes to a new school and he gets involved in the line program dirty kik chat he finds the this crazy amount of tunnels backstage and it has a bunch of likes a bunch of different crazy rooms, and it's just like a really fun adventure book.

That's what I remember. I've read uh the first couple of times in that. I remember them just being really funny like there's a lot of humor it kinda gets you laughing about.

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A mystery and has a little bit of everything which is also question you'd like to post to you. What are some of the things you look for when you're picking a graphic novel um David you kind of talked on it, but so there are really two things that kinda stick out to me of um it has to have a story that I'm interested in um it has to have a really good sex chat contact coral springs and caht has to have good art.

Um there's been a chat that I've kinda picked up and like I really want to get in the story and it sounds really engaging and like the lone just doesn't click. Me and it feels weird and it makes msequite really hard to fishkill free sex chat online into the books so art style definitely impacts whether or not I wanna read uh a graphic or comic book. Yeah mine cchat.

Uh I think the art style story line. I line feel for my, especially when graphic novels is that you wanna know enough that it keeps you hooked, but you don't wanna be completely lost in the story line where you don't know what's going on um but that's why the for graphic girl just the mesquite line some of the artwork.

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Uh I mostly do the story and the dialogue if there's like too much going on, I can't focus so that's basically it. I feel like it's a lot of with graphic novel.

There's a lot of striking the right balance because if you go too far in one direction, it kinda throws everything off. Get into right. Cool Well, Thank you very much for ing us this week for our team book Club. We will be back next week with another topic and we hope you'll us, then um all of the books that we talked horny florida women chat rooms swinging today are available through the Mesquite Public Library.

Um if you uh are looking for other books to read or want some other readers advisory feel free to stop by and uh chat with us.

We're always happy to offer suggestions and we hope you'll us next week. Bye Bye.