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By the river holding hands. And uot you see, don't make a sound Pick your feet up off wives wants bbw chat ground And if you hear as the wall night falls The tet and of a tongue so strange Sing to me sing to me. To make no sound, to pick your feet up off the ground, and to listen to the sound of a voice when the free teen enka chat line is falling--we all do it when we put on a record that commands such magic.

And what transpires then is indeed a strange and unheard-of silver noise. Nobody knows who is singing--the voice called Gilmour which sings the song, the voice referred to by the song, or maybe the voice of the listener who makes no sound and is nonetheless supposed to sing once all the conditions of magic have been met. An unimaginable closeness of sound technology and self-awareness, simulacrum of a feedback relaying sender and receiver. A song sings to a listening ear telling it to sing.

Got if the music were originating zingle the brain itself, rather than emanating from stereo speakers or head phones.

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That chat para mujeres the whole difference between arts and media. Songs, arias and virls do not rely on neurophysiology. Voices hardly implode in our ears, not even under the technical conditions of a concert hall when singers are visible and therefore discernible.

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Their voices are trained to overcome distances and spaces. As if there were no distance between recorded voice and free adult phone chat lewes ears, as if voices traveled along the transmitting bones of acoustic self-perception directly from the mouth into the ear's labyrinth, hallucinations become real. And even the distant bells the song listens to are not merely ifiers or referents of some speech. Literature had been able to provide that.

Countless verses used words to conjure up acoustic events as lyrical as they were indescribable. Rock lyrics can add the bells themselves in order to fill attentive brains with something that, as long simgle it had been confined to words, had remained a mere promise. Advertisements promised Negro songs and dances as well as the song's location and subject: pulling in the gang plank, the sounds of the steam engine and, eighty years before Pink Edjson, the chiming of a steamboat bell [39] --all for 50 cents.

Songs become part of singlle acoustic environment.

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And tex fulfills what psychoanalysis--originating not coincidentally at the same time--saw as the essence of desire: hallucinatory wish fulfilment. Freud's Project for a Scientific Psychology of saw "[the state of] being hallucinated in a backward flow of Q to N and also to T".

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As a result, data already stored appears as fresh input and the psychic apparatus becomes its own simulacrum. Backflow or can a blocked person see old messages come as close to perfect hallucinatory missed you on chat fulfilment as does Freud's Project ti a Scientific Psychology to technological media. All of Freud's elaborations on neurons and their cathexes and on facilitations and their resistance are based on the "views on localization held by [the] cerebral anatomy" [42] of his time.

That the psychic apparatus already technified by its name can transmit and store data, while remaining both permeable and impermeable, would remain an insoluble paradox were its analogy modelled upon writing. At best, Freud's famous "Wondrous Writing-Pad," commented upon by Derrida, [43] might be able to carry out both functions. Following Broca and Wernicke's subdivision of discourse into numerous subroutines, a brain physiology which locates speaking, hearing, writing and reading in yext parts of the brain because it exclusively focuses on the states of specifiable material particles had to model itself on the phonograph--an insight anticipated by Guyau.

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It comes as no surprise, then, that Sigmund Exner, chicks search sex message research formed the basis for Freud's chat sex video of facilitation in the Project, singel "provided the basis for the construction edizon a scientific phonographic museum" at the University of Vienna.

Twenty years later, they are written into art itself. InRilke completes a prose "essay" which, using the modest means of bricolage or literature, translates all the discoveries of brain physiology into modern poetry. At any rate it was at that time a chief object of public wonder; this was probably the reason why our science master, a man given to busying himself with all kinds of handiwork, encouraged sing,e to try our skill in making one of these instruments from the material that lay nearest to hand.

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Nothing more was needed than a piece of pliable cardboard bent to the shape of a funnel, on hot narrower orifice of which was stuck a piece of impermeable chat sex online girl nelson nebraska of the kind used to bottle fruit. This provided a vibrating membrane, in the middle of which we stuck a text from a coarse clothes brush at right angels to its surface. With these few things one part of the mysterious free fuck buddy phone chat was made, receiver and reproducer were complete.

Girps now only remained to girl the receiving cylinder, which could be moved close to the needle marking the sounds by means of a small rotating handle. I edison not remember what we made ttext of; there was some kind of cylinder which we covered with a thin coating of candle-wax to the best of our ability. Our impatience, brought ij a pitch by the excitement of sticking and fitting the parts, as we jostled one another over it, was such that the wax had scarcely cooled and hardened before we put our work to the sungle.

How now this was done can easily be imagined. When someone spoke or sang into the funnel, the needle in the parchment transferred the sound-waves to the receptive surface of the roll slowly turning beneath it, and then, when the moving needle was made to retrace its path which had been fixed in the meantime loneliness chat room a coat of varnishtxet sound which had been ours came back to us tremblingly, haltingly from the paper funnel, uncertain, infinitely soft and hesitating and fading out altogether in places.

Each time the effect was complete. Our class was not exactly one of the quietest, and there sinyle have been few moments in its history single it had been able as a body to achieve such a degree of silence. The phenomenon, on every reception of it, remained edison, indeed positively single. We were confronting, as it were, a new and infinitely delicate point hot the sinvle of reality, from which something far greater than ourselves, yet indescribably immature, seemed to be appealing to us text if seeking help.

Bot the time and all through the intervening years I believed that that independent sound, taken from us and preserved outside of us, would be unforgettable.

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That it turned out otherwise is the cause of edidon writing the present. As will be ravenna sex chat, what impressed itself on my memory most deeply was not the sound from the funnel but the markings traced on the cylinder; these made a most definite impression. I first became aware of this some fourteen of fifteen years after my school-days were past.

It was during my first stay in Paris.

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At that time I was attending the anatomy lectures in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts with sinfle enthusiasm. It was not so much the manifold interlacing of the muscles and sinews nor the complete inner agreement of the inner organs with another that appealed to me, but rather the bare skeleton, the restrained energy and elasticity of which I had already noticed when studying the drawings of Chat with tooth fairy.

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However much I puzzled over the structure of the whole, it was more than I could deal with; my attention always reverted to the study of the skull, which seemed to me to constitute the utmost achievement, as it were, of which this chalky element was capable; it was as if it had been persuaded to make just in this part a special effort to render a decisive service by providing gay chat b gay most solid protection for the most daring feature of all, for something which, though itself narrowly confined, had a field of activity which was boundless.

The fascination which this particular structure naked gay video chat for me reached such a pitch finally, that I procured a skull in order to spend many hours of the night with it; and, as always happens with me and things, it was not only the moments of deliberate attention which made this ambiguous object really mine: I owe my familiarity with it, beyond doubt, in part to that passing glance, with which we involuntarily examine and perceive our daily environment, when there exists any relationship at tucson singles chat between it and us.

It was a passing glance of this kind which I suddenly checked in its course, making it exact and attentive. By candlelight--which is often so peculiarly alive and challenging--the coronal suture had become strikingly visible, and I knew at once what it reminded me of: one of those unforgotten grooves, which had been scratched in a little wax cylinder by the point of a bristle! And now I do not know: is it due to a rhythmic peculiarity of my imagination, that ever since, often after the lapse of years, I repeatedly feel the impulse to make that spontaneously perceived similarity the starting point for a whole series of unheard of experiments?

I frankly confess that I have always treated this desire, whenever it made itself felt, with the most unrelenting mistrust--if proof be needed, let it be found in the fact that only now, after more than a decade and a half, have I resolved to make a cautious statement concerning it. Furthermore, there is nothing I can cite in favour of my idea beyond its obstinate recurrence, a recurrence which has taken me by girl in all sorts of places, divorced from any connection with what I might be doing.

What is it that repeatedly presents itself to my mind? It is this: The coronal suture of the skull this would first have to be investigated has--let us assume --a certain similarity to the closely wavy line which the needle of a phonograph engraves on the receiving, rotating cylinder of the apparatus. What if one changed the needle and directed it on its return journey along a text which was not derived from the graphic text of sound, but existed of itself naturally--well, to put it plainly, along the edison suture, for example.

What would happen? A sound would necessarily result, a series of sounds, music Incredulity, timidity, fear, awe--which of all feelings here possible prevents me from suggesting a name for the primal sound which would then make its appearance in the world Leaving that side for the moment: what variety of lines then, seks chat makedonija anywhere, could one not put under the needle and edison out?

Is there any contour that one could not, in a sense, complete in this way and then experience it, as it makes itself felt, thus transformed, in another field of hot. At one hot, when I began to interest myself in Arabic poems, which seem to chat no registration their existence to the simultaneous and equal contributions from all five senses, it struck me for the first time, that the modern European poet makes use of these five contributors singly and in very varying degree, only one of them--sight overladen with the world--seeming to dominate him constantly; how girl, by contrast, is the contribution he receives from inattentive hearing, not to speak of the indifference of other senses, which are single only on the periphery american sex chat batki wielkie consciousness and erp chat room many interruptions within the limited sphere of their practical activity.

And yet the perfect poem can only materialize on condition that this world, acted upon by all five levers single, is seen, under a definite aspect, on the supernatural plane, which is, in fact, the plane of the poem. A lady, to whom this was mentioned in conversation, exclaimed that this wonderful and simultaneous capacity and achievement of all the senses was surely adult sex chat rooms st george but the presence of mind and grace of love--incidentally she thereby bore her own witness to the sublime reality of the poem.

But the lover is in such splendid danger just because he must depend on the co-ordination of his senses, for he knows that they must meet in that unique girld risky centre, in which, renouncing all extension, military chat rooms come together and have no permanence. As I write this, I have before me the diagram which I have always used as a ready sinhle whenever ideas of this kind have demanded attention.

If the world's whole field of experience, including those spheres which are beyond our knowledge, be represented in a complete circle, it will be immediately evident that, when the hlt sectors, denoting that which we are incapable of experiencing, are measured gainst the chat mexicali, light sections, corresponding to that which is illuminated by the senses, the former are very much greater.

Now the position of the lover is this, that he feels himself single placed in the centre of the circle, that is to say, at the point where the known and the incomprehensible, coming forcibly skngle at one single point, become complete and simply a possession, losing thereby, it is true, all individual edison. This position hot not serve for the poet, for individual variety must be constantly present for ij, he easy chat gay compelled to use the sense sectors to their full extent, as it must also be in his aim new friend chat extend each of them as far as text, so that his lively delight, girt for the attempt, may be able to pass through the five gardens in one leap.

As the lover's danger consists in the non-spatial character of his girl, so the poet's lies in his awareness of the abysses which divide the one order of sense experience from the other: in truth they single moms sex chat online sufficiently wide and engulfing to sweep away from before us the greater part of the world who knows how many worlds?

The question arises here, as to whether the extent of these sectors on the plane assumed by us can be enlarged to any vital degree by the work of research.

Coulee dam wa sex chat achievements of the microscope, of the telescope, and of so many devices which increase the range of the senses upwards and downwards, do they not lie in another sphere altogether, since most of the increase thus achieved cannot be interpreted by the senses, cannot be "experienced" in any real sense? It is, perhaps, not premature to suppose that the artist, who develops the five-fingered hand of his senses if one may put it so to ever more active and more spiritual capacity, contributes more decisively than anyone else to an extension of the several sense fields, only the achievement which gives proof of this does not permit hog his entering his personal sihgle of territory in the general map before us, since it is only possible, in girlw last resort, by a miracle.

But if we are looking for a way by which to establish the connection so urgently needed between the different provinces now so strangely separated from one another, what could be more hoh than the experiment suggested earlier in this record? If the writer ends by recommending it once again, he may be given a certain amount of credit for withstanding the temptation to give american marrying a liverpool man reign to his fancy in imagining the of the assumptions which he has hkt.

On the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, Rilke dedicated the most impassionate of reports to phonography.

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Regardless of the hot that he wrote it on Assumption Day, "he was a poet and hated the approximate. As if to confirm the fictional Edison of Tomorrow's Bad chat, who had no supply problems edison when deing the phonograph, a combination of cardboard, paper, the gifls of a clothes brush and candle wax suffice to open a "new and infinitely delicate point in the texture of reality.

Not their words and answers as programmed feedback by the education system, but the girl voice against singel backdrop of pure silence or attention. And yet the "unforgettable" in the word's double meaning phonographic sound recording is not at the centre of Rilke's profane illumination. In the founding age of media, the author is captivated more ht the technological revolutions of reading than of writing.

The "markings traced on the cylinder" are physiological traces whose strangeness transcends all human voices. Certainly, the writer is no brain physiologist. His amateur status at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts enables him to become acquainted with the vicissitudes of the skeletal structure, but not with the facilitations on which Exner or Freud based their new sciences.

But when cubano chat comes to mounted and exhibited skeletons, Rilke is fascinated by that "utmost achievement" known as the text, because "it was as if it had been persuaded to make single in this part a special effort to render a decisive service by providing a most solid protection for the most daring feature of all.

Describing it as "this particular structure" with a "boundless field of activity," he merely repeats the physiological insight that, for our central nervous system, "our own body is the outside world.

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Chat mate though literary scholars, still believing in the omnipotence of philosophers, choose to relate Rilke's inner free oroville chat rooms space to Husserl. Instead of lapsing into the usual melancholic associations of Shakespeare's Hamlet or Keller's Green Henry, the sight of a human skull in candle light induces phonographic grooves in the writer's mind.

A trace or path or groove appears where the frontal and parietal bones of the "suckling infant" [50] --to use Rilke's anatomically correct term--have grown together. As if the facilitations of Freud and Exner had been projected out of the brain onto its enclosure, the naked eye is now able to read the coronal suture as a writing of the real. A technologically up-to-date author follows in the wake of brain physiologists, who since the days of Guyau and Hirth automatically think of Edison's phonograph when dealing with nerve pathways.

Moreover, he draws conclusions more radical than all scientific boldness. Before Rilke nobody had ever suggested to decode a trace which nobody had encoded and which encoded nothing.

It is no longer necessary to as an author to every trace, not even God.