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Dj chat rooms

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Usage[ edit ] Turntable.

When users were present in a particular room they were represented by their avatar who appeared as an attendant in the audience. If there were chat up line DJ spots, users could "hop up" on to a DJ turntable and play music for the rest of the room.

The DJ either provided a song that rloms possess on their local computer or selected a song from Turntable. If a user decided to click the "awesome" button, their character began to sway their head back and forth, simulating how a fan would react to a song they liked in a club.

More DJ points allowed for users to unlock additional avatars. The service additionally allowed users to chat in the rooms and to "follow" other users.

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This allowed the users to have an ad-free interface, post. This "Turntable Gold" helped fund the website and develop new features, such as Turntable Live.

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History[ edit ] Turntable. While Stickybits was picked up by some brands, it failed to gain the widespread attraction of users.

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By January it became aff chat that Stickybits would not work, so Chasen and Goldstein presented their investors with the idea of turntable. The board then pulled the plug on Stickybits and went ahead with turntable.

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By Julyturntable. DJs were chosen from an applicant pool prior to the party and were allowed to du songs in turns during the celebration.

DJs were rewarded with "points" for how many patrons were on the dance floor during a given DJ's song. If too few patrons were on the floor or there was a general lack of interest, DJs would have their turn skipped.

Legal[ edit ] Turntable originally had no deals in place with any record labels, and was instead operating under provisions in the Digital Millennium Need a friend chat room Act which allow "non-interactive" online radio services to operate without needing to individually negotiate licensing deals with individual labels. The service chta had a partnership with Medianet to supply a library of songs for those who do not wish to supply their own music.

If one had Facebook friends online on Turntable at the same time they were, it naked teens chat ulladulla show what room they are in, in order to facilitate connections between users. While some features like creating and ing a group took a bit longer, the iOS app had all features available on the desktop version.

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On May 11,Turntable released a version of their app for Android devices. Closure[ edit ] On December 2,Turntable officially fier chat down the website.

After two years providing music interaction with users, Turntable announced that it would focus on Turntable Live. However this was short lived and the last show for Turntable Live was Shinobi Ninja on December 13, On January 15,the button to turntable. Retrieved 8 December