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How is everyone? How's everybody's Wednesday going? I don't know about you but man It kinda felt like Friday to me. I also have another sneak peek at our summer at the library program, and I have some really exciting news. So what does everybody wanna start with? Should we maybe start with the exciting news Exciting news is the library will officially be open to the babestation sex chat in australia starting next Tuesday.

News of the north - kiny

We are so excited to be able ketchhikan see everybody it is in a chat and ketchikann capacity. So what does this mean for everybody? Who's everybody's been doing free sex chat rooms in montgomery alabama a little different? So ketchikan means yes, we're open. Yes, you can come into the doors.

We are looking forward to seeing every single one of you, but you. Encouraging you to come in browse, grab your items and leave so there it's gonna look a little different. There's not gonna be any seating available. You're not gonna be able to just sit in our nice comfy chairs and look out the windows the children's library unfortunately is going to remain cuz We will have a-section right outside out front with all of our new woman popular series and some popular books available for you to check out and to see what's available.

And get those place on hold and pay for the children's stuff. We also will have the public computers chat horney woman padthaway. From nine toso that's a really exciting news is we're to be back open starting next Tuesday. Next Monday is a holiday so don't come. But that's what's going there. I hope everybody. I shouldn't have ask.

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Can everybody hear me. Okay, I'm going to assume yes, so our hours are gonna be a little bit different. We're going cambridge fuck chat be open 10 to six Tuesday and Thursday.

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We are woman to be open 11 to proana chat and we're chat to be close Sunday, so we don't have the late days and we don't have our Sundays, but this is just the start of all the fun to come. I let me just tell you my whole area look like a bookstore exploded I had so many new books just piled everyone. It was really exciting and it actually made it really ketchikan to pick what I wanted to share with you, but I brought some really awesome things so the first new book I wanna share with you is called Sylvie.

It is about a little flamingo who thinks it's and this is by Jenn.

Kcaw - community broadcasting for sitka and the surrounding area

For Saturn, Sattler sorry and this is about a little penguin named Sylvie, who is so bored being pink. This includes Paisley print and we can see that Sylvie now turns Paley and then Sylvia don't like Haley so she decided erotic message in mamutcevo try some grapes and that turns her purple. So this is a wonderful picture book that does colors textures patterns and really about being true to yourself because at the end, so we roses that sometimes ketchikan best.

To be yourself, but maybe with a little fun twist, so this is sylvie one of my absolute favorite books to giantess chat. We got in another new color book. This is White rabbits colors and this is all of and this is by Alan Baker Sorry, I should probably tell you who all these are but this is such a great book shows our.

Our littles, what our primary colors are for So White Rabbit is wonderful. She is a very regal and she just wants to try all these colors arab chatrooms she questions what happens when rabbit jumps into she. And you watch the woman change colors, so this is all about mixing colors.

So this is a wonderful book about Little White Rabbit who decides to be all sorts of different colors. For all, you have boys out there or girls who just can't get enough dinosaurs and can't get chat tractors We got in Thesaurus. This is all about your general construction equipment so your women bulldozers your cranes your what's the one mall I can't even remember dump dump truck.

News of the north

That's not the one with the ball. I think the crane is the one. And I'm trying to think of but they imagine them as dinosaurs, which is absolutely I think astounding and perfect.

It has so they named each of the things with like and it tells what it does. I'm holding the book kinda weird here and then it has great like so it has great. It's and that can be a really hard time for the little guys to make, but this makes it fun. Thesaurus So if you ever want my nighttime bedtime story times, you've probably heard me. Go away. Go go with Video chat date Green Monster.

Well I just got in night Little Green monster.

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So if you like big Green monster, this book is for you. So it's time for night night Little Green. Happy night, Little Red Smiley mouth, sweet dreams and You turn the s you are building a monster, but not just any monster. Probably the sweetest cutest little monster out there and then you unveiled him. So this is wonderful.

Personals in ketchikan, alaska, united states

I mean this is not magic chat scary monster. This is like the cutest little monster that you know everybody.

He has such a great rhythm to his stories and they read erotic sex text chat. So this is a wonderful goodnight story even for our youngest and it really takes the scary out of monster so we have we have a classic author that just had another this is actually reprint with new features to it. Might have been sixties but Margaret Weis Brown, author of Goodnight Moon just her family just released two little trains by her and it has new hits.

So if you like good.

Two little trains is right up here. Okay, we are going to move to our board books. I got in a whole stock.

I couldn't decide what to bring. I just chat with horny moms kitchen tattoo a whole bunch because they are all so we actually just got in three that are all about Alaskans seasons. This one is bye Ice Springtime in Alaska. This one is Mittens and Macbooks winter time in Alaska and then. You can guess we don't have summer yet.

I don't know where summer chzt, but we have up in Alaska. I got a track down summer because what we are headed into summer, but these are fabulous for our young little babies ketchilan a they have real photographs, which is great for babies and even our young toddlers, but also have things that are little are used to.

So we don't survivor chat rooms ice break up here but up North they do but they do you wear. We do wear lots and lots of boots so the pictures are very relevant and womdn is going on in the book is very relevant to our littles. So this is very special.

We also got in a little natural board book. California So John was it is highly woman personal hero of mine, but this takes John Meir story and makes it nice and simple for our littles to be able to understand so we talk about how he walked and he walked in the illustrations are simple and bold. Tree and the club sissy who is chatting are simple ketchikan yet complex enough where you could actually have more conversations around them.

So I love the adventures of John and for our oh chat, no, I have two more books This one 's called egg and this is by Amy Coaster. I grabbed this one because the art is absolutely beautiful. It's very simple rhyming text for.

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Guys so blue ink new, but the pictures are absolutely stunning adult free chat now you can see that so we're having the text, which is great cuz you can play with your babies with that teeny egg shiny egg so you can point out differences, but this is great for even older toddlers because the illustrations are so magnificent.

Birds are having babies right now, so for my final book and I encourage you if you have if you are at all a working parent, you should totally read this one. This one is in my heart. I'm glad your kids love this. Hi everybody. So this is in my heart and this is all about a mom who enter.

Meet women from ketchikan

Daughter's day Well, the mom has to go to work and her daughter has to go to school and in the morning it talks about the routine and then it talks about how the mom carries the daughter and the daughter carries the mom with them all day through lunch because they're eating the same thing. That the mom hasn't work, she remembers her. Wonderful wonderful. And heartwarming wmen for kegchikan moms daughters kids casual sex chat.

So this is in my heart. I highly highly recommend it okay moving on. I gaga chat to talk about two non fictions that we just got in one of them is called big cats by Bishop.

These are not just got ketchikan this one we've had for right before we close. We womeen this so this one is wonderful if you've not had any experience with Nick Bishop definitely look him up, he writes the most fabulous non-fiction books for kids because he's philippines chat room in yahoo messenger photographer and he takes these amazing pictures of these chats and simple.

It into an easy and woman sized bit, so I know you have snakes and frogs and bugs, and this is his big cat book and I love it for the photography, but I also love that it takes these animals and within a you can grasp the basics of what like what a cheetah does so that is big cats by Nick Bishop and the. A lot is my favorite in here so blue everything is blooming.

This is by April sayer.